Most Important Types of Roofs

Not only does your roof slates or tiles have to fulfill the role of forming a watertight layer and keeping your home dry, it also has to look good from the moment they are fixed and for decades to come. Well, is that a lot to ask of one material? Choosing the right product from a host of alternatives is an essential decision and is bound to be controlled by a number of factors.

  • The pitch (the angle at which the roof slopes) and the roof design are very important factors to consider when making your choice. While Clay tiles have the ability to slope down to pitches as low as 15 degrees based on the type of clay tile, the slates only have the ability to slope down to 25 degrees. Either the interlocking slates or tiles in man made materials like concrete or fibre cement can also serve as an alternative on low pitches. These factors need to be taken into consideration at the design stage because a complex or a low or steep roof may not match up with the material which you hope to use.
  • This goes without saying, but hire the right roofing company. Do not rush your decision.
  • One other important thing to consider when you are choosing a roof covering, which makes up to about 40 percent of the facade, is whether it will blend well with both the wall cladding and the joinery. Taking this decision will be easier for you if you ask for samples and create a little semblance of both the wall and roof.

When the factors listed above are duly put into consideration, you will find it much more easier to make the right choice.


clay roof tile

Although they usually go together with rich red roofs, the beauty of clay tiles lie in the amount of shades, profiles and finishes that are readily available. From burnt oranges and terracotta to browns, there is always an alternative for a blend of different shades. A popular choice among builders is a blend where both the mix and color variation work together to break up large expanses of the roof. Also bear in mind that the crucial thing with a mix is that the contrast between tiles should not be too conspicuous.

It is always advisable to find a professional roofer that will mix the tiles on site and hinder the occurrence of patches or bands of color on the roof. Clay tiles mostly come in the dark blue colour. They can be used in mimicking a good looking slate, at a lower cost. It is worthy to note that the deep blue color of the clay tile is gotten by the careful control of the kiln atmosphere during the firing cycle, therefore the color is actually fired into the product. This explains why it is not easy for the man made alternatives such as concrete, which are relatively cheaper, to surpass it. Its blue color is baked all through the natural material; this means that the clay will mellow and weather with age, but will not lose its rich beauty over the years. The man made alternatives are more likely to lose their surface colors.

The real hand made tiles are made by throwing clay into a mold and cutting off the back with a wire, then the nibs and nail holes are formed by hand ensuring that the product is made completely by hand. The hand formed tiles are made with an extruded blank that is controlled by hand at the end of the process to give a character to the product. There are no two handmade tiles that are identical. There is always a slight difference in shape, color, thickness and size. Ensure that you pick the tiles that have been ‘pre-aged’ for a weathered look. Also make sure that whichever product you choose has a good guarantee of at least, thirty years.


An important feature of the overall look is the surface finish. While a sand faced finish can give the roof a rustic and aged look, it tends to weather faster. On the other hand, the  smooth faced finishes promote surface run-off more readily and also possess a slippery surface that aids in the prevention of the growth of mosses. There are different types of tiles, ranging from the plain tiles to the S-shaped tiles and Roman tiles, as well as an array of profiles.


natural slate roof tile

One of the first things that you should check out is the origin of a slate. While the imported slates are from Spain, China and Brazil, the Chinese and Brazilian slate are among the cheapest slates that are available. Always bear in mind that not all slates are of the same quality. In fact, slate quarries that are just miles apart can produce slates of widely differing qualities and prices. Spain is a major producer of the roofing slates in the world. It has been proven that while the best Spanish slate is far superior to the best Chinese and Brazilian slate, the poorest Spanish slate is laden with high metallic additives and is not durable, and will fade over time.

It is worthy to note that as slates get cheaper, its risk of getting stained tend to increase. During this time, they become less regular, making them harder to lay. Slates are normally tested for variables such as strength, water absorption (it should be noted that the low absorption of water is associated with longer life), carbonate content (high levels of carbonate may cause slate to discolor faster), how they perform in repeated freeze/thaw cycles, etc. The high quality slates are distinguished by the letters A1 (absorption), T1 (thermal cycle) and S1 (sulfur dioxide exposure).

It is wise to ask for well outlined quotations that bear the name and grade of the slate, from two or three suppliers. Also bear in mind that checking the price involves pre-holing to the correct head-lap. A good slate when laid, should be double lapped. This simply means that the slate above overlaps the one below to form a watertight layer. However, as a natural product with slight variations, it is a good idea to get a professional to carry out the task.


The man made alternatives range from concrete products that copy the clay plain tiles to fibre-cement roof slates that copy the natural slate. They do not age like their natural counterparts and are very unlikely to last for long, but the force of attraction mostly lie in their relative affordability. An added advantage is that the consistent size, shape and thickness of man made alternatives make them easier and cheaper to lay. In most places, they are referred to as interlocks. Many can be specified as interlocking to help with the task. Man made slates and barrel tiles also come in handy where a lightweight covering is needed.


The stones that are used for roofing are usually a local form of limestone. It is not just a type of rock that varies from region to region or by its size and thickness or by how the edges are finished and dressed. It is a very costly alternative that will need professional skills to lay. Nonetheless, it has a very aesthetic look.


Owning a new home is the dream of every man and woman. Building your dream home right from the start is going to be a humongous task and will involve a lot of your money, time and effort. You need to have the money and resources in place well in advance of starting the construction. As a homeowner, you will always be looking at ways and means of how to save money on the new construction. You are totally new to the art of home construction and only a reliable and reputable building contractor will be able to guide you in building your dream home at the most affordable costs.

The following are some of the ways you can save on the new home construction costs by making very simple sacrifices:


Finishing the flooring in your new home will cost you a lot of money and will also be time-consuming. If you are on a tight budget after completing the construction of your new home, you can look to do away with the flooring installation in some of the very low traffic areas. Once you have the necessary funds in hand, you can very well think of completing the flooring in the leftover areas.


Be sure to check out all of your roofing options. There are some that will appear to have a cost savings, but in the long run your pockets will be exhausted from maintenance bills. According to SparrowExteriors, “Some of the best roofing systems available will last over 50 years.” Manufactured roofing products like composite roofing tiles are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Say “no” to additional rooms

If you wanted to add some additional rooms like exercise rooms, playroom or extra guest rooms or decks in your new home, then you can hold on to building the add-on rooms for the moment. These rooms are just add-ons and are not an essential for everyday usage. This is one way of saving some money early on in your home construction. You can always finish the rooms after you have moved in and after the budget to build the additional rooms is ready.

Do not invest in landscaping upfront

At the beginning of the home construction, it is better to avoid looking for professional landscapers to design your outdoor space. It would be ideal to first finish the construction of the house and if you have money left, then you can think of investing in landscaping. There are other ways to add greenery to your new home. You can think of planting green stuff that will grow quickly and create a lawn-like appearance.


Use less expensive counter-top materials

If you are nearing the completion of the new home construction and are running short of cash, then you can initially think of using low cost, but attractive kitchen and bathroom countertops. They can be replaced in the future with granite or marble counter-tops once you have arranged for the money. You can even think of skipping the fixing of backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms initially to save some money.

You can even reduce the expenses of building your new home by doing away with the paving of the driveway. The construction company you have employed will be able to suggest you the different ways you can save money during the home construction process. They can also help you out in adding the fixtures, add-on rooms, etc., later, after you have the money ready to carry out the upgrade.

Houses are one of biggest investments we make, so replacing a roof is a pretty big deal for most homeowners. That’s why getting the right roofing shingles is so important. The roof on a house contributes to the home’s style and adds value, so you don’t want to cut corners as you make decisions about the color, style, and material of the shingles. Leaks can result in mold, wood rot, and interior damage so a quality roof is important to your house. When roofing Cary, NC homes, it is important to assess the existing shingles. As your roof ages, it loses its ability to protect your home from weather, animal infestation and extreme temperatures. Having a roof that is visibly deteriorated can even drop the value of your home.

Elements that Impact Your Roof

In order to make a fully informed decision when you’re making your selection, you also have to think about the following elements that can impact your selection of material and the life of your roof:

  • Sun – Deterioration occurs faster on sides facing west or south because, ultraviolet rays and heat impact roofing materials, so it’s important to understand how much sun your home receives. Bad weather or prolonged wear can render a roof useless. Maybe a tree came down during the last storm or continued repair of a recurring problem would just be a waste of money. Once you’ve reached the point of no return, it’s time for roof replacement. Sometimes a brand new look is all you need to start fresh.
  • Trees and Leaves – Tree branches too close to a roof can scratch the roofing materials when the wind blows, and leaves that lie on a roof’s surface retain moisture, which then facilitates all the associated problems. Leaves can also block gutters.

Cary Re-Roof – Roof Replacement Services

If you decide it’s time to re-roof your house, you basically have two options. You can choose a complete replacement, which means tearing off the existing roof, or you can re-cover the existing roof. If you choose the second option, be aware of the building codes in your area. Some places allow only one recover before they require a complete replacement. Slate rooftops are finished with material tiles produced using slate which is an antiquated sedimentary shake made up for the most part from of mud and other volcanic materials and intensified in the earth by weight and warmth. Slate is an exceptionally basic roofing material since it is extremely solid furthermore waterproof. It is exceptionally the mainstream since it can be effortlessly molded into the rectangles that we see on the tops of today. Amid the production of material slate, huge bits of slate shake are broken into little sheets effortlessly. Again this makes slate a perfect material for material.

A felt rooftop is connected to a base board which is painted with an additive covering to make it last more. Once the base has been readied the material felt is settled set up utilizing appropriate nails. Felt material applications are as a rule for level rooftops, for example, those regularly observed on carports and garden sheds. The undeniable, favorable position of utilizing felt as a roofing material on level rooftops is that it is exceptionally cheap and hence regularly utilized as a spending material arrangement on storehouses. layering on a rooftop.



barrel tile roofs

It is very important to know about the quality of service, the reputation of the company and many other things related to roofing before installing barrel tile roofs. You are going to suffer a lot of monetary losses as well as mental strain and tensions if you do not hire the right roofing contractor for your home. A poor job on the roofs can result in costly roof leaks and repairs in the future. The entire building structure, the furniture, and other costly items, etc., can all be compromised if the roof is not in proper condition. When you call a roofer to your home for accessing the damage and for the estimate, you should put yourself in the shoes of a Human Resources Manager and start to judge the roofer.

Ask plenty of quality questions

There is no doubt that you should ask the barrel roofer about the number of years of service in doing roofing repairs, the license that he has, the warranties that he provides and the insurance. Apart from this, you should shoot a lot of open-minded questions to the roofing expert and questions that cannot be answered with just ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. By asking open-minded questions, they would have some related stories and incidents to share with you. If there is no useful information or conversation happening between you, then it is time to move on and look for another roofing contractor.

Absorb Nonverbal Clues

There are a few nonverbal clues that you should check out when you are talking with the roofing contractor.

  • The first thing you need to check is whether or not he is making an eye contact with you when he is speaking.
  • A good roofing contractor must be ready to listen to all that you have to say and should not force himself on you. He should be a good listener and should never dominate a conversation.
  • Check if he is taking notes when you are having a conversation with him. If he does, then it means that he values his customer’s inputs.
  • Never fall prey to a roofer who tries to use the factory supplied material to showcase his point. The main problems with roofing arise from poor workmanship and not material issues.
  • If you find the roofer to be not listening to your needs and do not have eye contact with you, then you can conclude that he is more concerned about selling something to you rather than doing a great roofing job for you.

Keep an eye on roofer’s character

It is important for you to not indulge too much into talking about roof shingles, roof colors and other things. It would be better off for you to spend time discussing the barrel roofing guy who will be doing the job for you. This is one way of reading the character of the person by getting to know more about him. You should first be ready to choose the roofer and then only you should look for the stuff and roofing materials that can be used. Reading the roofer will help you to easily find the most reliable roofing expert to take care of your home roofs.